Rulez of the R♀♂M

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Rulez of the R♀♂M

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:39 am

Here are some of the Wreck's rules more will be added.

Twisted Evil 1.) Respect is the most important of all rules. We want to make sure everyone feels they are treated right. This means:

Evil or Very Mad * No, racial or rude remarks towards other members. This is not tolerated. Please keep in mind we may have under aged members (Think before you speak). Setting a good example will keep less drama in the faction.

Evil or Very Mad * Spamming is unexeceptable. We get too many spams as is on common chat, world chat, pms, and in squad chats. We would like the faction to be spam free. Repeating your self twice is enough after that take it to pm if your trying to get someones attention. Common sense goes along way.

2.) Director, Marshals, and Executors are our leaders of the faction. Treat them right. IF you have any problems or feel mistreated by any of these members. Don't pick fights with them. Send the leader mail in pwi mail. Let me know what's going on. I will look into the problem and take the steps in taking of the issue in a respectful manner asap. Communication is the key!

Evil or Very Mad 3.) The Wreck is not a faction of picking fights with other factions or anyone. Please don't be rude. No, kos(killing on sight) other people. There are plenty of mobs to go around share. There are many things you can do to mess up our rep. I'm sure you are a smart person to use your common sense to help keep our name clean. PVP is allowed I don't mind it, but try to keep from turning the challenge into something more than it is. This is a game we are supposed to be having fun!

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